Note for U-REACH After-Sales Service:

  1. After-Sales Service in the Purchasing Country: U-REACH product customers can enjoy after-sales service provided by authorized distributors.
  2. Cross-Border After-Sales Service: Depending on the service methods and regulatory requirements of each country, some after-sales services may incur additional charges. The charging standard is based on the quotation of the respective country. We value your experience and if you have any service needs or are unable to contact the original purchase channel, please feel free to contact us. U-REACH will provide service to you as soon as possible. Thank you.


I. Warranty

JetMedia is a professional IT solution integrator, whose products have all been thoroughly tested. Based on the conditions and restrictions listed below, JetMedia will provide repair or replacement of any products due to defects in materials and workmanship.


II. Applicable Items and Warranty Period

Warranty Period

Product Category

Product Series

3-year Limited Warranty

Software/Code Update for Products

New software for the motherboard of the duplicator that is still in production is available for free upgrade service within three years from the date of original purchase

2-year Limited Warranty

USB Flash Series

Anti-delete USB Flash Series

1-year Limited Warranty

-Duplicator Series

-Power Supply/Adapter

-Flash Duplicator

-HDD Duplicator

-NVMe Duplicator

-Carry Duplicator

3-month Warranty

Interface Consumable Series

-Flash Duplicator Interface

-IT Series Hard Drive Duplicator Interface Module

- Carry Series Duplicator Interface

- MT(CM) Series Duplicator Interface Module


 (*The above exemption fees are limited to defects or abnormalities  not caused by human factors.)


III. Product Warranty Confirmation

This warranty does not apply to used resale products or products purchased through other channels unauthorized by JetMedia.


Under Warranty: JetMedia is responsible for free repairs, updates or replacements of products within the warranty period.


Out-of-warranty: When the product exceeds the warranty period, the customer is required to pay for inspection and repair services. If this repair is for core components such as motherboards and controllers,  the warranty service will be extended for another six months.


IV. Confirmation of the Warranty Period

The calculation of the warranty period starts from the original purchase date of the product. When requesting a product warranty, the original purchase documentation (covering invoice, shipping order, etc.) of the product must be presented. If the relevant proof of purchase cannot be submitted, the warranty period will be calculated from the date of manufacture of the product.


V. What Is Covered by This Warranty?

JetMedia warrants the JetMedia-branded hardware product contained in the original packaging against defects in materials and workmanship when used in accordance with JetMedia's user manuals, technical specifications and other published guidelines during the warranty period.

If applicable, JetMedia will replace the product with the same type of product or a product with similar specifications for the customer. If the purchased product cannot be repaired or replaced, JetMedia will refund the depreciated price of the product.


VI. What Is Not Covered by This Warranty?

This warranty does not apply:

(A) when damage and malfunctions caused by failure to follow JetMedia's user manuals, technical specifications and other published guidelines during the warranty period, this warranty does not apply:

(B)  to damage is caused by force majeure(such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, typhoons), deliberate sabotage (such as knocking, breaking, pounding, etc.), computer malfunctions, and human negligence (such as loss, improper storage, etc.), or other abnormal causes.

(C)  to damage caused by the customer's or by a third party’s unauthorized attempts, including but not limited to installations, coatings, expansions, modifications, repairs, or removal of firmware/FW or parts that are not authorized or approved by JetMedia.

(D)  to damage caused by physical, electronic and electromagnetic pressure or interference, power supply instability and misuse, lightning, static electricity, fire or force majeure.

(E)  to damage caused by exposure to improper environment (including high temperature or high humidity).

(F)  to damage caused by improper delivery and packaging in transit from the customer to JetMedia.

(G)  to failure or damage caused by the use of the product for research and development purposes or professional testing, which is not covered by the free warranty.

(H)  when the product sticker is removed or damaged in any way, the product warranty will become invalid.



VII. The Repair Procedures of the Warranty

If the product needs to be repaired, you can apply the following three options for after-sales maintenance.

(1)    Carry-in service at official distributor: Please contact the local distributor, whom you purchase the item from, to determine if sending your product back for repair is applicable. If necessary, the distributor will offer the carry-in service as well as collect the product simultaneously.

(2)    Official website support: Please contact the JetMedia website service team for maintenance information.


You can consult our customer service staff at www.jetmedia-inc.com for product upgrades or problem confirmation, and if you need to send the product back for further testing, our service staff will provide you with the nearest aftersales service locations.


(3)    Mail-in service on the e-platforms: Please provide your order number and apply for return or repair service after system verification.

The JetMedia RMA department will confirm the damage to the interior and exterior of the product within three working days after receiving the returned product. The information related to the returned product will be provided to the customer who will then decide whether to proceed with the repair process.


<Additional Remarks >

A.     The above are the complete terms of JetMedia products and, whether oral or written guarantees, are all covered by these terms.


B.     If the product does not meet the free warranty, JetMedia will charge a service fee for the repair of the product at its discretion, which will be based on the formulation. For more information, please contact JetMedia Inc.


C.  This warranty covers the repair or replacement of defective JetMedia products.


< Disclaimer >

In addition to the above-mentioned warranties, JetMedia does not provide other warranty services, express or implied, or incidental to these warranties, and JetMedia makes no other guarantees for products that include marketability or are suitable for specific purposes. Any warranty liability with respect to JetMedia products is only as stated above and is agreed to in its entirety; this warranty is in lieu of other  warranty commitments or statements., whether oral or written. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, JetMedia hereby disclaims all liability for any consequential, special, incidental, derivative or consequential damages arising out of the purchase or use of this product, whether it has been notified of the possibility of such damages, loss of profits, business investment or goodwill, or loss of data, and shall not be liable for the failure of third party equipment, even if JetMedia has been advised of the possibility of such failure. The repair, replacement or return of products under this warranty is a commitment by JetMedia to fulfill its product warranty obligations. These warranty terms will be updated or supplemented from time to time by JetMedia, and are subject to the latest published content on this website.



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