About us

What we care

Jet Media Inc. is a subsidiary of the U-Reach Group, specializing in the sales of full series U-Reach Data Eraser & Duplicators.
Our team is composed of a group of passionate and experienced IT enthusiasts, who are committed to providing users with fast, simple and professional solutions. Through rigorous testing, professional research, in-depth channel development as well as a well-established service system, we make access to quality products much easier.  

I. Identify Your Needs

JetMedia never thinks for you enough. With extensive product testing, shrewd knowledge of various features on products and seamless feedback from users, our elite team aims at building product into our customer experiences.

2. Choose the just-right solution

In addition to these core products, Jet Media Inc. offers a wide range of secure, fast, and convenient computer storage peripherals to provide customers with comprehensive data storage solutions. You can also consult with our service team to help measure various situations, including calculating production time and capacity, usage environment and other useful support, significantly saving you time and costs.

3. Global service network 

We understand your eager expectations for solutions, therefore, our online service team is here to assist you worldwide in quickly getting familiar with the device wherever you are. We not only support you with exquisite manuals for each product but film tutorial videos and troubleshooting clips, which is why JetMedia is here.  

Our mission - make data solutions easier and more fun

We understand how difficult it can be to choose the right product from hundreds of possible options. As for us, it is our responsibility to make data processing simpler and more interesting in our everyday life. There is nothing more meaningful than creating a relaxing way of life with the help of JetMedia experts plus a cup of coffee by your side.