1. What are the differences between "Quick" and "Whole media" copy?

1. Quick Copy: Reduces copy durations by copying only areas containing data. When selecting “Quick Copy”, the duplicator performs an analysis of the data formats, capacities and locations etc." Once the analysis is completed, the duplication process is performed. 

2. Whole Media Copy: With bit-for-bit comparison function, the copy mode achieves the most accurate data replication however, it is slower of the two duplication methods.   

2.How to ensure data duplication accuracy?

1. To determine data source consistencies and record the checksum value, select "Calc. Checksum".

2. To verify target data consistencies and utilize hardware through bit-for-bit comparison, select "Compare". This function ensures source data mirrors target data.  

3. Can I copy HDDs that have different capacities?

Yes, you can copy HDDs with different capacities, but please be aware of the copy mode you use.

1. If you choose to use quick copy, the duplicator will analyze whether the data can be duplicated, based on its capacity and location.

2. If you're copying with the NTFS format, the capacity of the target HDD must be at least 1MB bigger than the source.  

4. Can I copy SSD HDDs ?

Yes. All our hard drive duplicators support 2.5”SSD & 3.5”HDD copies.

5. Can I copy IDE HDDs ?

Yes. Please confirm the size of your IDE drive (2.5” or 3.5”) and purchase corresponding IDE to SATA converter.

6. What should I do when the product is found defective or not working when it arrives?

Our warranties cover the defects caused by non-human factor in material or workmanship in JetMedia products. Only clients purchasing JetMedia products from JetMedia may obtain coverage under our limited warranties. Our warranty periods of main controller are 1 year from the delivery date of purchase. But the warranty of other components inside will follow each product's status and terms. From the second year, the client, at the buyer's request, provide maintenance and the required spare parts appropriately at the buyer's costs and expenses.  

7. I’m looking for a machine which could handle larger number of devices that aren’t shown on the website. What can I do?  

Please feel free to contact us by online chat on the platform if you can not find the required information. As a manufacturer, we will be able to provide the customized solutions to best meet your needs.