The best benefits

M.2 NVMe/SATA Data Eraser  

● Three Quick Steps
● Blue Quick Buttons
● Asynchronous Erasure  
● Independent Heat Sink
● 20 International Erasure Standards

Compliant with ISO27001 Specification

In addition to hard drive data erasure, it can also save, output and review erasure reports. It not only conforms to the ISO specification for the elimination of storage media but protects information security for enterprises.  


Three Quick Steps

1.Switch On

1.Turn on the machine
2. Plug in the device  

2. Operate  

Select Erase mode and press OK  

3. Complete  

After erasing is complete, the yellow light will go out and you can pull out the disk  
Function Introduction

20 International Erasure Standards  
Compliant up to 20 international erasure standards, including BMB21-2019, NIST-800-88, DoD5220.22, German VSITR, British HMG IS5, etc.    

Event Log Report  
A full record of the process, including date, erasure mode, drive serial number, etc. Reports can be exported via a USB stick or printed out on a printer. A certificate of erasure can be produced to ensure that erasing has been carried out.  

Supports backtracking to review the overwriting on the hard disk.  

Supports encrypted erasure to prevent unauthorised access, modification, deletion and other operations. The storage media cannot read or write after being maliciously removed during erasure.  

Stand-alone FPGA embedded system design, eliminating malicious intrusion caused by PC motherboards.  

Authority Management   
Support authority management and customizable passwords.  

Displays erasure monitoring progress and alerts for abnormal information.  

1. NCTC China National Quality Inspection Centre for Calculators
2. SGS Swiss International Laboratory Verification
3. Recovery software Tenorshare 4DDiG non-recoverable verification

Exclusive Design

Blue Quick Buttons    
Blue quick buttons are designed for seamless drive replacement after erasure is complete.    

Asynchronous Erasure    
Asynchronous erasing solves the problem that drives can only be erased synchronously on a PC, greatly improving efficiency without waiting for other hard drives.

Independent Heat Sink    
Separate heat sink allows the drive to be erased for long periods of time without overheating.   

Outward Appearance

1.Touch Screen
2.Hard disk slot*6
3.Erase Log output, firmware update USB hole
4.Blue quick button
5.LEDs (red, green, yellow)
6.Power switch and power input hole
7.Printer connection USB hole
8.Static grounding port

Product Packaging




32 x 28.4 x 32.6 cm  


4.64 kg  




Displays eraser version number, serial number, and performs firmware upgrade  


All including Windows / Mac / Linux / other systems  


With FPGA architecture, the machine works stand-alone without connecting to a PC or the Internet.  

LED Lights  

LED lights on each port: Yellow(Powered), Green(Pass), Red(Fail)  


Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Korean, Russian  

Power Supply

12V 12.5A


Operating Temperature:5°C ~ 45°C

Storage Temperature:-20°C ~ 85°C


Operating Humidity:20% ~ 80%

Storage Humidity:5% ~ 95%




*Product specifications may vary by region, and the Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice.