{User Scenario} PRO398 Hard Drive Duplicator for Semiconductor Machine Hard Disk Backup 1 to 3 30GB/min Ultra-high-speed Copy

{User Scenario} PRO398 Hard Drive Duplicator for Semiconductor Machine Hard Disk Backup 1 to 3 30GB/min Ultra-high-speed Copy

The applications of Hard Drive Copiers are quite diverse, and the common

use are nothing more than Hard Drive Data Copy , Audio and Video Backup, Factory System Duplicate, and Data Recovery. Today, we are going to talk about the application of semiconductor machine, how to backup hard drives.

Do you know what are the primary considerations for a production machine backup system?


The professional machine in the factory is different from the general computer system. There may be some special formats or unknown areas. If the program data is not fully backed up, the system will not be able to run. Therefore, we need to verify the data on the target hard drive is 100% identical with the source. Then, how to verify?


In this case, the manufacturer purchased the machine abroad and installed it at the same time when the machine was delivered. In order not to encounter hard disk failure during long-term reading and writing, making the machine unable to operate, it is necessary to prepare 3 targets to ensure the smooth operation of the production line. The manufacturer hopes to quickly complete and compare the backup of multiple devices, and confirms that the hard disks data are complete. U-Reach's portable Carry Duplicator PRO398 just meets the requirements of the system factory. This HDD copier transfer speed is up to 30GB per minute. (The speed depends on the speed of the hard drive)


The most reassuring feature of the PRO398 is that the CRC Checksum will be displayed directly on the LCD screen after the copy is completed. This function is used to detect whether the source data is different from the target. The comparison function after copy can also directly ensure the data on the source and the target are 100% identical. The manufacturer stated that when the operating machine enters the system factory, it needs to be equipped with a duplicator to actually back up the data hard disk on site. Therefore, it needs to be portable, fast, and multiple devices conduct at once.


The source for installing data is a 3.5-inch SATA hard drive, and the total capacity of 1TB contains 300GB of data. We recommend to select the "Whole Copy" function to reduce the situation that the unknown data cannot be copied. Different from the backup method using PC, the duplicator confirm to the integrity of the data. When the factory creates system data, it often happens that the confidential files are hidden in certain areas using a special way. Missing this information will lead to inoperable after installation.


The common dual-slot docking is easy to use. However, whenever the hard disk capacity is large, it may take at least a day to copy, which will not only affect the production capacity, but also may end up being unusable.


  • 4 copy modes of PRO398:

In addition to the ultra-high-speed model PRO398 used in SATA hard drives, we also have SA series for copying SAS hard drives and SP series for copying NVMe/SATA M.2. Customers can discuss with us according to their own needs. Welcome to feedback after using our product, so that we can better know what this product can help you.


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U-Reach PRO398 1:3 Standalone Hard Drive Duplicator and Eraser


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