UReach Hard Drive Erasers - Used Computer Recycling Made Easy

UReach Hard Drive Erasers - Used Computer Recycling Made Easy

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With the popularity of personal computers and the rapid iteration of electronic products, a lot of e-waste has been generated, including many discarded hard drives. The data in these hard drives may not be completely cleared, causing personal data leakage and information security risks.


In recent years, environmental awareness has been on the rise. People and governments around the world are paying more and more attention to e-waste recycling. Although a huge amount of electronic waste is generated every year, the recycling rate is still very low. In fact, electronic recycling may create great commercial value, for example, the resale of used computers and the recycling of precious metals in electronic products.


With the expansion of hard drive capacity, the incentives for hard drive reuse are increasing. Before reselling or giving away used computers, it is necessary to confirm that the data in the computer has been completely cleared, especially the computers or hard drives recovered from the financial and medical industry, Internet companies, public offices, etc. It is necessary to comply with the personal data regulations set by the government.


There are several methods for hard drive recycling, namely physical destruction (such as perforation), degaussing, and erasing. The first two methods destroy the hard drive and prevent it from being used again, while wiping allows the hard drive to be reused. The erasure can be achieved through software erasing or erasers. The software erasing is more complicated and requires more pre-settings while the eraser can function in a stand-alone operation, which is more intuitive.


UReach SA250 hard drive eraser can help enterprises to recycle their hard drives and is directly compatible with SAS and SATA interfaces with various specifications:


Quick Erase: Erase only the hard drive index and takes only a few seconds to complete.

Full Erase: Wipes the entire hard drive once, which conforms to the NIST800-88  erasure specification, and cannot be rescued after erasing.

DoD Erase: Wipes the entire hard drive three times, complying with DoD 5220.22-M data wiping standards, and cannot be rescued after wiping.

Secure Erase: Drive the hard drive itself to clear all data and initialize the hard drive. It complies with the NIST800-88 erasure specification and cannot be rescued after erasing.

Seven-Pass Erase: Erase the entire hard drive seven times and complies with the U.S. DoD 5220.22-M erasure standard. It cannot be rescued after erasing.


It can also set the number of wipes and erasure modes according to the user needs, and support LOG report output as well as real-time erasure certificate print, which is convenient for company auditors to review. The eraser is operated independently by FPGA, so there is no need to worry about the virus risks. It can wipw multi-interface devices (NGFF, mSATA, CF, CFast, etc.) through adapters.


UReach SA250 Eraser has passed SGS functional verification to ensure that the hard drive data cannot be restored through rescue software after erasing. In addition to erasing, it also supports backup and detection functions, adding the advantage of multi-functionality to the machine.




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