Secure Delete Hard Drive with UReach Multi-Interface Hard Drive Eraser in 3 Steps

Secure Delete Hard Drive with UReach Multi-Interface Hard Drive Eraser in 3 Steps


Secure Delete Hard Drive: Usage Scenarios of Hard Drive Eraser

In various countries, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and technology companies face stringent information security regulations. For example, in the United States, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act regulates financial institutions, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA) safeguards patient data in healthcare. Within the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) ensures secure data processing.

As the need for data security grows globally, the technology sector, including information service providers and software companies, faces increasing pressure for innovation. Cybersecurity management regulations worldwide impose strict requirements on securing information systems. Enterprises globally, especially within the EU under the GDPR, emphasize the importance of secure data erasure, making Hard Drive Eraser crucial for compliance and trustworthiness.

Law firms and multinational corporations, handling substantial sensitive data, must ensure secure decommissioning of hard drives to meet global data privacy regulations. The GDPR plays a significant role in regulating data processing and erasure for businesses operating in the EU.

Moreover, large data centers globally, managing massive servers and storage devices, require secure erasure of decommissioned hard drives to comply with relevant laws and cybersecurity standards. Hard Drive Eraser provides a crucial solution in these scenarios, ensuring efficient, secure, and compliant data erasure. Whether in financial institutions, healthcare, technology companies, or large data centers, the Hard Drive Eraser plays a vital role in safeguarding sensitive information and meeting international regulatory standards.

UReach Data Eraser perfectly aligns with all these usage scenarios. Apart from obtaining certifications such as NCTC, ONTRACK, and SGS, it ensures the secure and high-speed erasure of data, meeting legal standards and assisting industries in enhancing their image while significantly reducing decommissioned hard drive costs.

Advantages of Secure Delete Hard Drive with Hard Drive Eraser

A comparison between Hard Drive Eraser and traditional data destruction methods:


Hard Drive Eraser

Traditional Data Management

Processing Efficiency

High efficiency, handles multiple hard drives simultaneously with automated processes

Time-consuming, one-by-one processing requiring manual intervention


Relatively low cost, automation reduces labor costs

Higher costs, significant labor and time costs


High security, NIST secure erasure mode ensures complete erasure

Lower security, software deletion cannot guarantee complete clearing, high cost of physical destruction

Environmental Friendliness

Environmentally friendly, reduces electronic waste

Physical destruction has environmental impact


Single purchase allows permanent use without licensing

Software requires licensing fees (per use or volume)

Detailed Introduction to GU912 Hard Drive Eraser

  • Multi-Interface Support: GU912 supports up to 90% interfaces on the market, including SATA, SAS, USB, M.2, and expansion interfaces like mSATA, CFast, CompactFlash (CF), and SD (SD cardl).
  • Efficient Erasure: With a high-speed erasure rate of 30GB per minute, GU912 also allows different interfaces on the same device to simultaneously choose different erasure methods, unlike previous models that could only select one method at a time.
  • Rich Erasure Features: GU912 offers diverse erasure functions, including DOD 5220.22-M (Department of Defense Standard) and NIST secure erasure mode, providing over 30 erasure functions.
  • Erasure Record Reports: Flexible management of erasure data reports, ensuring the security and traceability of data erasure with both single and collective report formats.
  • Authority management: Customizable user-level permissions for secure Hard Drive Eraser operation.
  • Standalone Operation without Internet Connectivity: Designed with FPGA chip technology, ensuring risk-free erasure without faults or data leaks during the process. Operating independently of computer systems, each interface operates independently at the highest speed of 30Gbps.
  • International Certifications: GU912 is certified by Ontrack NIST800-88, ISO 27001, and additionally verified by R2v3.

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Q&A: Secure Delete Hard Drive with UReach Multi-Interface Hard Drive Eraser

Q1: Applications of Hard Drive Eraser

A1: Hard Drive Eraser is widely used across industries such as finance, healthcare, technology, law, multinational corporations, and large data centers, ensuring the secure handling of data in decommissioned hard drives.

Q2: Ensuring Data Security with Hard Drive Eraser

A2: Hard Drive Eraser ensures data security by employing the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) secure erasure mode, guaranteeing complete data erasure and enhancing information security. NIST secure erasure mode is a set of standards developed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, ensuring that sensitive information stored on hard drives cannot be recovered during the erasure process.

Q3: Ease of Operation and Training Requirements

A3: Hard Drive Eraser is relatively easy to operate, requiring no special training. Most Hard Drive Erasers provide an intuitive user interface, enabling users to perform operations effortlessly without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

Q4: Is there a need for additional cooling measures?

A4: Generally, the design of Hard Drive Erasers takes effective cooling into account to handle prolonged operations and the processing of multiple hard drives. Using the eraser in a well-ventilated environment contributes to the stable operation of the Hard Drive Eraser.

Q5: Custom Erasure Modes in Hard Drive Eraser?

A5: Yes, some Hard Drive Erasers allow users to set custom erasure modes according to specific requirements. For instance, the GU912 Hard Drive Eraser includes this feature to meet special security erasure requirements in different application scenarios.


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