The EU and the US personal privacy protection regulations that global company must pay attention to!

The EU and the US personal privacy protection regulations that global company must pay attention to!

In the era of globalization, cooperation among multinational enterprises has become very common. How to comply with the personal privacy protection regulations of various countries is important for many multinational enterprises and enterprises that want to develop overseas. The following are excerpts of the current personal privacy protection regulations of the EU and the United States.



《California Consumer Privacy Act 2018, CCPA 》

The target of the regulation is for the enterprises that have business activities in California and more than 50% of their revenue comes from personal information. In the part that refers to the “Right to delete”, when consumers apply for deletion of their personal information, apart from specific reasons, enterprises should delete the personal information of applicants.


《The New York Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act, SHIELD Act) 》


It mentioned that after the personal data is no longer needed for its commercial purposes, the private data will be deleted and destroyed, the data cannot be read and recovered.

《General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR》

The “Right to be forgotten”: the authority in control of the data can be asked to delete any link, copy or reproduction of all personal data.

Facing the European and the US personal privacy protection regulations. How UReach helps global enterprises comply with the strict regulations?

Data centers of large enterprises, in order to maintain the quality and security of data storage, usually do hard disk replacement and recycling every three years.

UReach data eraser can assists enterprises for hard disk destruction and recycling




1. Supports multi-national erasure standards and multi-language switching

UReach Data Eraser supports multi-language switching, no need the pre-settings, just connect the hard disk, select the erasing mode on the touch screen, and then start the erasing task.

2. The data cannot be recovered after erasure by UReach Data Eraser

UReach Data Eraser has Ontrack, SGS, NCTC certification and comply with NIST 800–88 and ISO27001 specifications. After erasure, it cannot be rescued, avoiding security loopholes.

3. In compliance with environmentally friendly spirit, the hard disk can be reused

The erased large-capacity hard drive can be reused, providing a more secure and effective solution for enterprises.

4. Log report output after erasing

The log report can be output to a USB flash drive or printed out from the UReach Data Eraser to sign by the corporate auditors.

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