How to Backup an Old IDE Hard Drive?  3-Minute Tutorial with a JetMedia Hard Drive Duplicator

How to Backup an Old IDE Hard Drive? 3-Minute Tutorial with a JetMedia Hard Drive Duplicator

If you need to dispose of an old IDE hard drive

There are three steps to back up the data on the drive


  1. Use an IDE-to-SATA adapter
  2. Go to the settings to enable the function of bad sector tolerance on the duplicator
  3. Use Copy+Compare function to ensure 100% identical data transfer

  1. One of the features of JetMedia duplicators is that they don’t need to be connected to a computer. A stand-alone duplicator is essential for you to replicate data. IDE hard drives can be copied through an IDE-to-SATA adapter, whether they are 2.5” or 3.5” hard drives.


JetMedia hard drive duplicators are highly compatible and support a wide range of formats and devices. With an adapter, different types of hard drives can be copied from each other on a JetMedia industry-grade duplicator, making replication become simple and easy.

  1. After enabling the function of skipping bad sectors on the duplicator, the machine will skip bad sectors and continue to back up the data without interruption.


A hard drive may crash when it encounters bad sectors, but JetMedia hard drive duplicator has a special bad sector skipping feature that allows it to continue copying and calculate the number of bad sectors after it finishes copying so that users can get comprehensive information about the hard drive.

However, the copy process may take more time when the bad sector skipping function is turned on. Since it is marked by the master controller on the hard disk, the processing time varies from brand to brand.


  1. The Copy+Compare function is to ensure that the copied data on the target drive is the same as that on the source drive to prevent data from being missed.

The Copy+Compare of the duplicator adopts accurate bit-for-bit position alignment, and the data will be placed in the same position, which is a great convenience for the operating system duplication.



All kinds of hard disk devices can run on the copier and copy data to each other as long as they can be converted to SATA-interface hard drives through the adapter.


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