Hard Disk Recycling, UReach Data Eraser Supports Environmental Protection and Carbon Reduction

Hard Disk Recycling, UReach Data Eraser Supports Environmental Protection and Carbon Reduction

Since the Industrial Revolution, to pursue the benefits of mass production and economic growth, the huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by industrial production has gradually intensified global warming.



With the awareness of sustainable development rising and the improvement of green energy conversion technology. From the “Kyoto Protocol” to “Paris Agreement”, the United Nations and governments of various countries set targets of carbon reduction to ensure inter-generational equity and sustainability.



Economic growth is often accompanied by increasing demand for electricity. In Taiwan, the energy sector is a major greenhouse gases emitter, accounting for about 80% of emissions, which mainly for burning fossil energy for power generation. Fossil energy power generation has high carbon emissions and increases greenhouse gases.



Many governments and enterprises invest in the development of new energy and green power, such as solar energy, geothermal, wind energy, etc., and combine digital technology to develop smart grids of electricity to make consumption and distribution of electricity more efficient.



Many power companies have built their own IDC data centers to store data related to smart grids of electricity. The hard disks in the data center receive data sent from sensor and user data 24 hours a day. The number of hard disks used in the data center is very large, which may be above thousands.



How to Destroy and Recycle Hard Drives?


How often do server hard drives need to be replaced? To ensure the quality of data storage, these hard drives will be replaced every three years. In the past, the old hard drives would be directly destroyed by physical damage, but this would cause the hard drives to become unusable. Disposal of the hard disk will also produce waste such as plastic and metal.



With the development of technology, the capacity of hard disks is getting larger, and the price for per unit of capacity is getting more affordable. The benefits of recycling hard disks are also getting bigger. Recycling a hard disk can save about 18 kilograms of carbon emissions.



The primary concern of recycling hard drives is the leakage of the data. Deleting and formatting hard drives cannot guarantee that the data will be completely erased. One of the solutions is to use a hard drive eraser to erase the hard drives of server.



The advantages of UReach Data Eraser.

  1. The hard disk that has been wiped can be reused.
  2. The hard disk eraser can be bought or leased, and the price is not calculated according to the number of hard disks to be erased, which saving the cost of hard disk recycle.
  3. Erasing multiple hard disks at the same time without slowing down; the asynchronous erase button can replace the next hard disk to erase without waiting for all the hard disks to be completed.
  4. Stand-alone operation, no risk of PC virus.
  5. Each erased hard drive has an independent erasure report for review by the audit unit.
  6. UReach Data Eraser has qualify multi-national certification, including SGS, ISO, Ontrack, etc.
  7. Support more than 20 multi-country erasure standards(ex: NIST) to compliance of recycling operations
  8. Reduce carbon emissions and electronic waste to compliance of environmental protection.





UReach-Inc provides hard disk recycle and destruction services. SDGs and ESG have become the trend. Environmental protection and carbon reduction are global long-term development goals. UReach-Inc Data Eraser helps the energy industry to comply with SDGs.




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