Data Recovery Solutions  

Back up a Hard Drive with Bad Sectors

Due to the influence of environmental and physical factors, bad sectors may appear on the disk, thereby reducing the storage quality of the disk. Therefore, data backup and transfer become necessary measures.

When too many bad sectors are encountered, the copying process may be interrupted suddenly, or the copying may be incomplete. The UReach hard drive duplicator can set the allowable number of bad sectors, skip the bad sector area, copy the rest of the data, and avoid copy interruption. The skip-bad-sector setting can help smoothly transfer data from some hard disks with bad sectors.  

HDD Data Erasure

When eliminating or replacing a hard drive, the JE Series erasers can completely erase the hard drive data, making it irrecoverable and allowing you to reuse or donate the hard drive. In addition to featuring multiple erasing modes, the JE series has three major erasure verifications to provide you with the most rigorous control in the erasing process.