The best benefits

SAS HDD Data Eraser

● Introducing the touch monitor, with an at-a-glance menu for 
       faster display and operation.
● Compliant with various international erasure standards, 
       erasing data safely.  

Compliant with ISO27001 Specification

In addition to hard drive data erasure, it can also save, output and review erasure reports. It not only conforms to the ISO specification for the elimination of storage media but protects information security for enterprises.  

Data Security Requirements

Companies need to strictly handle confidential hard drives. We provide a variety of solutions to erase data and solve the problem of information security vulnerability.

Erase Standard

1-Pass Erase 00/random (NIST compliant)
Secure Erase (NIST compliant)
Enhanced Secure Erase (NIST compliant)
U.S. DoD 5220.22-M
U.S. DoD 5220.22-M ECE
U.S. DoE M205.1-2  

NSA Erase
U.S. Army AR380-19 Erase
US Air Force 5020 
Canadian OPS-II 
Canadian CSEC ITSG-06 
German VSITR 
Russian GHOST p50739-95

Customized Erasure Mode

Besides the existing erase function, you can also define your own erase mode. For example, you can set the number of rounds (up to 40 rounds) and write data, including 00, FF, random number, comparison, or enter your own hexadecimal value.  

Function Introduction

Event LOG Report
All the execution processes can completely be recorded, such as running time, operation mode, the speed of the device, etc. The report can be exported via a USB drive to a computer for viewing and can also be used with an external printer. After the operation is completed, an erasure report will be produced, which reduces transcription errors to ensure that the operation is fully performed.  

Asynchronous Erase
Considering the unequal capacity of each hard drive, to enhance the erasing efficiency, each port can be operated independently from the second round onwards through a blue quick button. This allows the drive to perform data erasure independently without waiting for other drives.

SGS-DoD Erase Verification / Unrecoverable by Recovery Software
The erasing function has been verified by SGS and cannot be recovered even with recovery software (Tenorshare 4DDiG)

Our Team

Bessie Cooper

Bessie Cooper


Product Features  
" SMART Info" provides access to the drive's data. This includes the drive model, version, serial number, capacity, SMART Info, and erase write values. When printing the erasure report, the SMART info will also be output synchronously. Please note that the device needs to support the SMART Info command.

Stand-alone Operation & No Threat of Virus
The risks from the Internet include computer viruses, data tampering, and other issues. The standalone operation can avoid information security leakage and strengthen the security management level.

Outward Appearance

1.Touch Screen
2.Hard drive slot*4
3.Hard drive connection cable
4.Erase report output/
Firmware update USB port
5.Blue quick buttons
6.Erasure status LEDs
(red, green, yellow)
7.Power switch and power input port
8.Printer connection USB port
10.Static grounding port

Product Packaging




32 x 28.4 x 32.6 cm


4.64 kg



Auxiliary Functions

Display the version number and serial number, and upgrade the firmware

Erasable OS

All operating systems, (including Windows / Mac / Linux / other standalone systems)


FPGA design, standalone operation, no network and external computer required

LEDs for Status Indication

Each port has three LED lights: Yellow (Power), Green (Pass), Red (Fail)


Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Korean, Russian

Power Supply

12V 12.5A


Operating Temperature:5°C ~ 45°C

Storage Temperature:-20°C ~ 85°C


Operating Humidity:20% ~ 80%

Storage Humidity:5% ~ 95%


Support multiple interfaces  

In addition to SAS/SATA hard drives, optional SATA adapters are available to support other devices, such as mSATA/M.2 SSD/CFast, etc. (Please contact the UReach Support Team for further information)  

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*Product specifications may vary by region, and the Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice.