POS(販売時点情報)システムのアップデートには、UReach M.2/SATA HDD/SSD複製機が役立ちます!

POS(販売時点情報)システムのアップデートには、UReach M.2/SATA HDD/SSD複製機が役立ちます!

The trend of optimizing consumer experience and the development of cloud-integrated systems

In public places such as retail stores, airports, etc., you can often see POS and kiosk machines, which provide us more convenient services.

With the increasing utilization rate of mobile payment and the integration of marketing information of mobile APP members.

These smart machines integrate front-end and back-end information, which connect with payment flow, inventory systems, consumer information, and marketing activities for providing enterprises, governments.


Update of POS&Kiosk machines, URaech helps enterprises to improve efficiency of production.

Many of these new machines use M.2 SSD as the system storage device. These machines need to be turned on for a long time.

For the stability of the system and the quality of data preservation and transmission, the installing of the hard disk system is a very important part of the production process.

When Enterprises and governments replace POS/Kiosk machines, the number of machines is likely to be thousands.

Therefore, ensuring that the copied data is the same as the original source, improving efficiency of production and convenience of operating are important for enterprises.

UReach offers system replication solutions, which can assist enterprises to carry out accurate and efficient system duplication.

UReach PW-H duplicator is with copy speed of 18GB/min, and can supports M.2 and SATA multi-interface, as well as NVMe and SATA cross-signal copying.

When copying M.2 SSDs with different signals, there is no need to disassemble the machine to replace the interface. It is as simple as plug and copy.

UReach PCIe SSD duplicator uses a rigorous bit-for- bit method to compare the correctness of the data. The PW-H series duplicator also supports the CRC check code, which can verify the correctness of the copied data of targets and avoid errors.


UReach PW-H SSD duplicator supports M.2 NVMe/SATA cross-interface and cross-signal data copying, with 1-to-3, 1-to-7, 1-to-11 ports.

Support Log production management log function, traceback is easier

The PW-H duplicator supports the Log production management, which helps the factory clarify production responsibilities and errors, and avoid manual errors. The Log production management is stored in the duplicator and cannot be tampered with. It can be output to a USB pendrive.


Even offline retail channels, the integration of virtual and online membership marketing is important. UReach PW-H copier helps enterprises to update their POS&Kiosk machine systems and provide effective data duplication solutions.

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