Why UReach USB3.1 A1 Duplicator? Three Advantages for High-Speed Erasure of Confidential Data on USB Hard Drives

Why UReach USB3.1 A1 Duplicator? Three Advantages for High-Speed Erasure of Confidential Data on USB Hard Drives

USB hard drives are now widely used to back up data on computers and portable devices. They are usually connected to a computer via a USB port to provide more storage space for backing up important files, pictures, videos, and other large data. An HDD external hard drive is usually packed and protected in an external enclosure. These hard drives are portable and allow users to store large volumes of important data anywhere, anytime.


However, when the user needs to replace a hard drive, what to do with such a large amount of confidential data?


Deleting files on the operating system can result in serious data leakage because some common rescue software can retrieve files that you mistakenly thought were safely deleted. The common practice is to download data overwriting software from the Internet and write a single character or random number to the hard drive to completely overwrite the original data. However, wiping through computer software requires some technical thresholds, and there is no guarantee of software security.

Wiping data on a computer is relatively complicated and risky compared to using a professional duplicator.

In response to the above considerations, U-Reach has developed various wiping devices to help you prevent the leakage of corporate confidential while perfectly erasing all data.


UReach A1 USB3.1 duplicator can not only perform copy function, but also its wiping function has been attracting attention in the market.

Here are the three irreplaceable advantages of the UReach USB3.1 duplicator A1.

Three Advantages

1. Fast Erasing Speed

Unlike the common computer software, the UReach A1 duplicator can erase 4 devices at the same time. We inserted four 500GB mechanical hard drives to perform a complete erase testing on a UReach USB3.1 A1 eraser, which meets the NIST wipe standard, and it took about one minute to erase 5.3GB of data, that is, nearly 500G of data in just 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If only one SSD drive needs erasing, the wiping speed can reach 16GB per minute, helping you save a lot of time with efficient operations.

There are also a variety of international standard wiping functions (Quick Erase, Full Erase and DoD Erase), you can select the desired erasure mode according to your needs.


↑ It took 1 hour 30 minutes to erase 466 GB of data

During operation, the hard disk device, the cables, and the cooling rack in use may cause differences in wiping speed. The hard disk drive will generate a high temperature when writing data for a long time, so placing it on the cooling rack can prevent the device from overheating, which may cause the speed to decrease.


2. International Security Verification

The wiping function of UReach A1 has passed the international SGS security verification, allowing you to safely erase your confidential data.

3.Data Cannot Be Recovered After Being Erased

The A1's erase function has been verified for its safety, and the data cannot be rescued even with some rescue software. The following is the actual testing of the hard disk status before and after erasing, and the execution results of the rescue software Tenorshare 4DDiG to confirm that the data cannot be restored with the software after being completely erased by the A1.

↑ Before erasing


↑ After erasing


↑ Unable to rescue data


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