What fields are the hard drive duplicators used in? Five applications are hidden in our everyday life

What fields are the hard drive duplicators used in? Five applications are hidden in our everyday life

Do you know when and where to use the JetMedia duplicator?


1. OS duplication for Computer Manufacturers

Do you know that the vital core of the computers lies in their operating system and the various OS formats are mostly copied with a dedicated duplicator? The key to accurate replication during the copying process is to use a professional duplicator to ensure that each OS copying is correct in mass production.


2. Data Storage and Backup Application

Public agencies, medical institutions, cloud service providers, and many others all need storage solutions in their fields of expertise.

Each hard drive has its life span, so regular data backup is essential. The JetMedia duplicator can quickly copy data and offer SMART info of the hard drives. Unlike most computers, the hard drive duplicator not only provides data copying but allows you to check the hard drive information in detail.

捷美拷貝機 雲端硬碟備份

3. Audiovisual Copy Application

Entertainment companies are also users of duplicators. They need machines to copy their completed movies. After multiple sub-sources are made, they can be sent to movie theaters for playback.

捷美拷貝機 大量影音備份

4. Backup Rescue Application

In many cases, many people do not remember to back up their files until the hard drive encounters problems. If a hard drive has bad sectors, it may become unusable or cannot be copied out. The JetMedia duplicator features a bad sector skipping function to continue the duplication when encountering bad sectors.捷美拷貝機 資料備份救援


5. Data Wiping Application

The duplicator can not only perform copying but also erase the data on the device. To avoid data leakage, data erasure is necessary when the drive is to be replaced or disposed of.

捷美抹除機 資料安全抹除


JetMedia hard drive duplicator can not only copy but also erase data. Along with the high-speed copy function, its dual functions can fully satisfy people's pursuit of cost effectiveness and enhance productivity and efficiency.


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