Watch out important personal data is leaked! Data center needs more professional hard disk erasing equipment

Watch out important personal data is leaked! Data center needs more professional hard disk erasing equipment

With the popularization of smartphones and mobile network, faster speed of mobile network is required for high-quality streaming videos and smoother gaming experience. With the construction of 5G cell sites, and more affordable usage fees of 5G, the market penetration rate of 5G users is also increasing.




Faster network speed is referred to larger amount of transmitted data, which needs more data centers (IDCs) are required to store data. The telecommunications company has a huge number of users and the capability of construction of network infrastructure. Many telecommunications companies build their own data centers. In addition to their own use, they also provide other enterprises the rental service of server rooms.

Many of these hard disks that store data in the data center are SAS HDDs and U.2 SSDs, and these hard disks operate continuously. For the quality of data preservation, these hard drives will be replaced with new ones about every three years, the original data will be backed up to new hard drives, and the original hard drives will be destroyed or erased.




With the increasing capacity of hard drives, it is not cost-effective to physically destroy old hard drives. Erasing hard disk becomes a more economical choice. Hard disk erasing can be divided into software eraser and hardware eraser.





Software eraser

Hardware eraser (UReach Eraser)


Varies by provider


PC required

FPGA (No need the Internet & PC)


The pre-setting is relatively difficult, and professionals are required to set it up.

The operation is intuitive and simple, and the operators can immediately operate it with one button.

Authorization fee

Depends on the number of hard drives, pre-configuration fees, etc.

The eraser can be leased or bought, and the usage fee is not based on the number of hard disks.

Erase speed

Depending on computer performance and settings, speed may be a slowdown when fully charged.

No speed reduction when the devices are fully charged. SAS/SATA device is up to 30GB/m; PCIe device is up to 60GB/m.

Erasing report

Varies by provider

Erasure report can be output for a single hard disk or for a whole batch of hard disks

Erase Standard

Varies by provider

20+ international standard (NIST-800-88 etc)

International Certification

Varies by provider

SGS、Ontrack、ISO etc



 ↑The erasure report can be output for review by auditors.




UReach-Inc provides cross signals and interfaces erasure solutions, and a full series of erasers meet the needs of the telecommunications industry and data centers for data security management.





↑GT864 SAS/SATA SSD&HDD 30GB/m eraser.





↑GE936 M.2 (NVMe/SATA) SSD 12GB/m eraser






↑U2E-W600 M.2/U.2 SSD 24GB/m eraser




To know more information about UReach Data Eraser.

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