The hard disks of rental computers: Personal information data residues should pay attention!

The hard disks of rental computers: Personal information data residues should pay attention!

Many companies choose to rent computers. The main reasons are flexible lease duration and simple procedures, so that the company’s funds can be used flexibly.

Before these large -scale rental computers are taken back, which need to erase the data of hard disks on these computers to prevent from the data leakage of personal information.

《General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR》

The “Right to be forgotten”: the authority in control of the data can be asked to delete any link, copy or reproduction of all personal data.


Most of these leased devices are SATA SSDs and HDDs, but SAS hard drives are also used in enterprise servers. How to erase SAS and SATA hard drive data at the same time?

How to assist enterprises in erasing SAS and SATA hard drives in compliance with the regulations?

UReach-inc provide the erasing solutions, GT-864 SAS Eraser can assist enterprises in hard disk recycle.

1.Directly compatible with SAS and SATA interfaces

2. Has a variety of erasure standards, including comply with NIST800–88 standard.

3. Qualifying international certifications such as SGS, Ontrack, etc. and the data cannot be rescued after data erasure

4. Mass erasing of hard disks can be performed concentratedly, and the next round of erasing can be performed directly after completion without restarting to set and wait.

5. Support log report output and can print out the erasure proof.

6. The FPGA standalone structure, and there is no need to worry about the risk of computer virus.

GT-864 Data Eraser supports SAS and SATA interface erasing, can also supports M.2 SATA or mSATA interfaces by adapters.


UReach Data Eraser can assist enterprises to erase used hard disks in compliance with regulations. After hard disks are erased, they can be reused.

Complying with ISO27001 specifications, supporting a variety of erasure standards and log report output, which saves cost and improves efficiency for enterprises.

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