Read Only Source Design UReach FR100 Write Block Hard Drive Cloner

Read Only Source Design UReach FR100 Write Block Hard Drive Cloner

What is Write Block?

Write-block means that the source data can only be read but cannot be written to ensure the source data is 100% intact. In this case, it can be called Read-Only.

Why we need Write-Block?

Many industrial control machines and medical equipment systems need to be backed up and stored, but due to the long use time, the factory does not have any corresponding system disk and the user has no data backup. Some system disks are very special and cannot be accessed by the computer. Once they are read on the PC, the PC may show that the disk is damaged.

When it comes to Digital Forensic, one of the essential tools you’ll need when recovering evidence is a write blocker. Write blockers are devices that allow you to read the information on the drive without the possibility of accidentally altering or writing to the drive contents. UReach FR100 Write Block Hard Drive Duplicator can help forensic experts to access evidence hard drive on PC with write protection on source port.   

When it comes to PC backups, it may have the risk of viruses, formatting, and deleting data by mistake, which often cause irreparable tragedies. Therefore, the read-only design of the duplicator is very important to protect the source drive from damage, poisoning, and modification, so that the data can be backed up and perfectly saved.

The Advantages of UReach Read-Only Design

FR100 has passed the Swiss SGS verification in read-only source port design. When repeatedly duplicating data, the FR100 with read-only source port design connects to a PC to read the source drive back and forth, all will be the same as the original value.


Therefore, users can use the duplicator to perform replication with peace of mind. With the read-only source port design, FR100 can ensure the source data is unchanged.

(NOTE: When a drive is connected to a PC, the computing will modify the accessing time.)



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