How to copy the system files on SD memory card? UReach SD312N can help you!

How to copy the system files on SD memory card? UReach SD312N can help you!

Because power-saving, write-protection control and lightweight but relatively large capacity, SD memory cards are applicated on many fields, such multimedia, industry, military, communications, surveillance, navigation, mining machines and raspberry pie etc.


Generally, the way to copy SD memory card is connected to a computer with a USB multimedia adapter manually.


There are some disadvantages of this copying method on PC.


  1. The risk of exposing on computer virus.


  1. The more devices connected with PC and the amount of data, the more chances to slow down the performance of computer.


  1. Without the function of accurate bit-to-bit comparison, it cannot confirm that the copied data is completely correct. If the copied system is incorrect, it will affect the operation of the industrial machines.


  1. Erasing function cannot be implemented, the data may not be deleted clean enough. There is a risk of leakage of confidential data.


  1. The quality of SD cards cannot be checked, and there is a risk of omission on saving data.


  1. It is inconvenient to carry because it needs to copy data by a computer.


In addition to copying the SD memory card by a computer, UReach SD-312N SD Card duplicator is a way of SD cards backup. The following is a brief introduction to its features:


  1. With FPGA standalone structure, it can be backed up without using a computer. Unlike PC structure, it does not affect the performance of duplication if the number of devices increases. It is suitable for carrying for SD Cards testing on the system of industrial machines.

    SD312N supports SD cards mutual copying

    SD312N support Micro SD cards mutual copying

    SD312N support SD cards and Micro SD cards mutual copying

  2.  After copying, the bit-to-bit comparison function can ensure that the data of the source and the targets are same.

  3. SD312N supports the erasing function, which can ensure that important data is not leaked and can reused the SD memory card after erasing.

  4. Support H5 quality testing, which can detect the quality and read/write speed of SD memory card, avoid using downgrade SD flash cards to affect the operation of the industrial machines.

  5. It is convenient to carry for SD cards testing and can be powered by a portable charger.


To sum up:

SD memory card is a kind of common storage device which often used for multimedia storage and OS system in industrial machines. This article introduces the features of SD memory card and SD card backup methods, hoping you find the information helpful.


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