ESG-Verified Disk Wiper Mastery: Elevate Data Security for Multiple Interface

ESG-Verified Disk Wiper Mastery: Elevate Data Security for Multiple Interface

Introduction of Disk Wiper Solution

In today's information age, enterprises face ever-growing data volumes and corresponding information security challenges. Protecting sensitive data, ensuring compliance, and maintaining reliability have become crucial. To meet these needs, we offer a comprehensive multi-interface hard drive erasure solution designed to help enterprises securely erase data, whether in personal user environments or enterprise server domains.


Overview of Multi-Interface Disk Wiper Solution

Our multi-interface hard drive erasure solution includes the GE936 + UGT-400 combo in Solution One, offering industrial-grade multi-port erasure configurations and desktop models tailored to different usage scenarios. Solution Two features the flagship SUM-4120 hard drive eraser, a versatile and intuitive machine providing efficient and straightforward single-machine operation.


Disk Wiper Application Scenarios

Introducing our innovative dual-interface wiping solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our users. We are excited to present two comprehensive approaches, each uniquely suited to specific scenarios, accompanied by the tangible benefits they bring to our users.


First Solution: UGT-400 + GE936

Compatible interfaces include M.2 NVMe, NGFF, SATA, SAS 

Enterprise Data Centers:

The UGT-400's SAS/SATA HDD SSD interface is ideal for large enterprise data centers, used to erase server hard drives and high-capacity storage. Simultaneously, the GE936's M.2 NVME/NGFF SSD interface handles scenarios requiring high-speed erasure, providing a comprehensive hard drive erasure solution for enterprise data centers.


Medical Industry:

In medical equipment, the use of laptops and desktops is common. The GE936's M.2 NVME/NGFF SSD interface is suitable for devices used by healthcare professionals, while the UGT-400's SAS/SATA HDD SSD interface is applicable to the large storage components of medical instruments, ensuring secure erasure of sensitive patient data.

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Financial Institutions:

The financial industry requires highly secure data processing. The UGT-400's SAS/SATA HDD SSD interface can address the erasure needs of server hard drives in financial institutions, while the GE936's M.2 NVME/NGFF SSD interface can be used for personal office equipment, ensuring the security of financial data.


Second Solution: SUM-4120

Compatible interfaces include M.2 NVMe, NGFF, SATA, SAS, USB3.0, U.2

Enterprise Multi-Interface Needs:

SUM-4120 is a versatile hard drive eraser with multiple interfaces, including M.2 NVME/NGFF SSD, SAS/SATA, U.2, and USB3.0. This makes SUM-4120 suitable for scenarios in enterprises with different interface hard drives, providing an all-in-one hard drive erasure solution. Enterprises can easily achieve comprehensive erasure tasks based on various hard drive requirements.


Government or Specialized Use:

The upgrade options of SUM-4120 offer asynchronous erasure, allowing different erasure methods for each interface, enhancing erasure flexibility. This is particularly useful for government agencies and users with specific erasure requirements, ensuring secure erasure for each hard drive interface according to different standards.


Data Recovery Centers:

For data recovery centers, SUM-4120 is an ideal tool. The multi-interface design allows it to handle different types of hard drives, while professional erasure algorithms ensure secure and reliable data erasure. This makes SUM-4120 an ideal choice for maintaining data security in data recovery centers.


Security Certifications and Erasure Standards

When choosing a data erasure tool, security is a critical consideration. Our Data Eraser series has passed strict erasure certifications, including Ontrack NIST Level 1 & 2 verification and Swiss SGS DoD 5220.22-m, ensuring compliance with international data security standards. Additionally, U-Reach's hard drive erasers comply with the ISO27001 standard, an international certification for information security management systems, ensuring the proper protection of your data.


U-Reach Data Eraser series has passed Ontrack NIST Level 1 & 2 erasure verification and Swiss SGS DoD 5220.22-m certification, ensuring that data is irretrievable after erasure.

Learn More: U-Reach Data Eraser has Passed Ontrack's NIST800-88 Level 1 & 2 Erasure Verification


Disk Wiper - Erasure Proof and SMART INFO

Our erasers are equipped with features to ensure data security and traceability. This not only meets company audit requirements but also provides customers with precise erasure proof, ensuring the security and traceability of data erasure.


Our hard drive erasers can also read the Smart info of hard drives. This information is not only viewable on the machine but is also recorded in the erasure report. Smart info details include the hard drive's model, version, serial number, capacity, power cycles, power-on time, read error rate, and more. Users can use Smart info to determine whether to replace a hard drive. Of course, the hard drive itself needs to support Smart info commands.



Our multi-interface hard drive erasure solution stands out for its comprehensiveness, security, and compliance. Through the application of GE936, UGT-400, and SUM-4120, enterprises can easily achieve hard drive erasure, ensuring the security of confidential data while meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements. Choosing our solution makes data management more secure and reliable.


Success Cases with Disk Wiper

A well-known gaming console

A well-known electronics component company in Taiwan has implemented the UGT-400 eraser in its Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) essential steps, ensuring that customer data is securely erased before reuse.

A chain private hospital

A large-scale private hospital system in Taiwan has adopted the GE936 eraser for the management of hard drives in large medical instruments and patient data, ensuring secure erasure of replaced hard drives and patient information.

A government department in Singapore

A government department in Singapore is set to introduce the SUM-4120, a multi-interface hard drive erasure machine. This system will be employed to securely erase and replace hard drives in accordance with confidential data management and various interface devices within the public sector.



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