A Hard Drive Duplicator vs. A Dock, Which Should I Choose?

A Hard Drive Duplicator vs. A Dock, Which Should I Choose?

Though both hard drive duplicators and hard drive docks are used for data copying, on top of that, users also care about the copying accuracy as well as the transfer speed.


In terms of operation, the standalone JetMedia duplicator has an LCD display to show detailed operation information, while the hard drive dock only has a progress bar. If you want to check the information on a dock, you need to connect it to the computer.


When the operation is completed, the JetMedia duplicator will automatically beep while the docking station does not notify you. This is one of the features of JetMedia duplicators.


The docking station can be used as a USB HDD for quick and easy access to data. For those who need this function, JetMedia WT100 provides PC-LINK docking specifications in addition to standalone copying.


1. Data Area Copy (Quick Copy)

The JetMedia duplicator has a Quick Copy mode that copies only the system and files, while the drive dock does not. The dock must run a copy of the entire media and therefore consumes much more time.

For example, it takes 23 minutes to clone a 120G SSD with 30G of data in it on a hard drive dock.



As for the JetMedia PT11 duplicator, the copying will only take about 1 minute to complete a copy of 30G data, and the copy will be finished with a beep.

2. The importance of data comparison

After copying data, how can you make sure your data is copied completely and correctly?

Copying on a hard drive dock, the machine will only show copy completion, but you may find later that the file cannot be opened or is corrupted, most likely because you did not make a correct copy of the data when copying the files in the first place.

3. Bit-for-bit data matching when copying

The bit-for-bit replication of JetMedia duplicators is to ensure that the location and sequence of the master and target data are exactly the same, which is the best choice for copying OS formats.


To sum up:

JetMedia duplicators are designed to ensure the accuracy of data by rigorous copying and comparison, which is not possible with the hard drive docks.

The duplicators feature indicator lights and a display screen to confirm the progress during copying and operation result, while hard drive docks can only tell the completion of the cloning.

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