The best benefits

M.2 Hard Drive Eraser

● Three Quick Steps
● Blue Quick Buttons
● International Erasure Standards  
● Invisible Mark  
● Multi Media Erase  

U2E-W600 supports U.2, M.2 Nvme and 2.5" SATA hard drives. The powerful 24GB erase speed can meet the needs of data centers, cloud storage, finance, military and others. After the erasure is completed, a log report is automatically generated, which is recognized as a fast and secure data solution.

Compliant with ISO27001 Specification

In addition to hard drive data erasure, it can also save, output and review erasure reports. It not only conforms to the ISO specification for the elimination of storage media but protects information security for enterprises.  


Three Quick Steps

1.Switch On

1.Turn on the machine
2. Plug in the device  

2. Operate  

Select Erase mode and press OK  

3. Complete  

After erasing is complete, the yellow light will go out and you can pull out the disk  
Function Introduction

International Erasure Standards  
Compliant with various erasure standards including, NIST-800-88 Clear, DoD Erase (DoD5220.22), DoD Erase + Comparison, Secure Erase (NIST-800-88 Purge), Enhanced Secure Erase, 7-Pass Erase, CSEC, HMG, VSITR, NSA, US Army AR380-19, Customed Erase, BMB21-2007,etc.   

Event Log Report 
Completely records all execution processes, such as date, erase mode, drive serial number, etc.  

Invisible Mark   
You can set invisible marks to be added to the Log report so that the log can be programmed to verify if the report has been tampered with.  

Independent Port Design  
Each port works independently and does not slow down when all ports are fully plugged in with devices. The standalone operation ensures no risk of virus.

System Self-Inspection 
The self-inspection system guarantees task success. 

Stand-alone FPGA embedded system, no RF chip to eliminate the PC motherboard intrusion problem. 

CRC Checksum   
Facilitates production operations, ensuring that production data, copy modes and total capacity are correct. 

Non-recoverable Dual Authentication 
Certified by Swiss SGS-DoD erasure and software Tenorshare 4DDiG irrecoverability.


Simultaneous Erase    
With independent motherboards & bandwidths, the machine can perform erasure on the 6 ports at the same time.   

Multi-port High-speed Operation    
24GB erase speed, no speed degradation even with 6 ports used simultaneously. 

Power-off Design
Intelligent power-off design to protect hard drives from damage.    

Auto-skip Bad Sectors    
Supports bad sector skipping to completely erase data area. 

Independent Heat Dissipation   
Independent heat dissipation system to quickly remove the heat generated during erasing. 

International Voltage  
110-220V international voltage is applicable everywhere.

Multi Media Erase
High compatibility with various brands and capacities, supporting different media erasing.

Intuitive LED Lights    
The working status can clearly be displayed with Green/Pass, Red/Fail, or Yellow/Powered.

Outward Appearance

1.LED lights showing erasure working status
2.PCIe Source Port
3.PCIe Target Ports
5.Blue quick button
6.USB port
7.Operating buttons
8.Power supply port
10. PC-LINK port

Multi-Media Application

*The standard delivery comprises an M.2 device, but you can also purchase special adapters if needed.


Ports 6
Dimensions 28 x 26 x 22cm
Utility Displays machine version number/serial number and performs firmware upgrade
OS All operating systems, including Windows / Mac / Linux / others) 
Features FPGA architecture design, standalone operation, and no PC required
LED Lights Each port has individual LED lights: yellow (Powered), green (Pass), red (Fail)
Languages Chinese, English
Power Adjustable voltage 100V~240V , 50/60Hz
Temperature range Working temperature: 5°C ~ 45°C
Storage temperature: -20°C ~85°C
Humidity range Working humidity: 20% ~ 80%
Storage humidity: 5% ~ 95%
*Product specifications may vary by region, and the Company reserves the right to change specifications without notice.