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  1. Three Complete HDD Erasing Solutions .
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Three Complete HDD Erasing Solutions

There are three hard drive erasing methods: data wiping, hard drive degaussing, and hard drive physical destruction.

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Hard Disk Punching Machine

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HDD Data Erasure

When eliminating or replacing a hard drive, the JE Series erasers can completely erase the hard drive data, making it irrecoverable and allowing you to reuse or donate the hard drive. In addition to featuring multiple erasing modes, the JE series has three major erasure verifications to provide you with the most rigorous control in the erasing process.

Hard Drive Degaussing

The professional hard disk degausser can instantly release a strong magnetic field, reverse the polarity of the drive, making the hard drive unusable.

Physical Destruction

The powerful physical hole puncher can physically destroy the platter inside the hard disk, completely clear the disk data, and render the hard disk unusable.